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Yash Chandra



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Rohit Krishnia



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The Football team of IIT Delhi has been one of the strongest college football teams for n number of years. The football ground, facing the IIT Delhi hospital, is the home to the team. It is a fully equipped ground with the apt dimensions and a facility of six floodlights shining upon it, a rare feat at this level.

The IIT Delhi Football Team takes part in a melange of tournaments throughout the year, thus giving ample opportunities to the newbies to become future stalwarts.The ones we participated in, in the last academic year were :-
The 51st Inter IIT meet, IIT Kanpur
Spirit, the sports fest of IIT Guwahati
Reliance Foundation for Youth Sports, New Delhi
Sportech , sports fest of IIT Delhi
The Triquetra, organised by NSIT

Also, through concerted efforts of the team players, a Football League ,named the IIT Delhi Football League, was organised. The main aim of this was to attract non team players to get more playing time and even, for some, to come into the limelight. Football trials and the consequent auctions made an even distribution of the players to maximize their playing time. This tournament proved a success, inviting much needed focus and support to the game at IIT Delhi.

Weekdays: Grounds are open till 9pm. Floodlights will be shut after 9pm. The institute football team reserves the right to use the main football ground after 6:30pm.
Weekends: Floodlights will not be switched on. Ground can be accessed till 9pm.

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