Orientation - BSA for Freshers

The grounds at IIT Delhi awaits you, demanding just two traits, the will to play and deriving happiness out of it. The Board For Sports Activities (BSA), the management body for sports in the institute, strives to provide you top notch facilities in all sports.

“Sport is where an entire life can be compressed into a few hours, where the emotions of a lifetime can be felt on an acre or two of ground.”

One is naturally compelled to think that IIT has the best academic facilities and the best tech, but it also has the best sports grounds in Delhi. IIT Delhi boasts to have the leading grounds for Athletics, Hockey and football in the Delhi Circuit, well maintained 8 tennis courts, both in clay and synthetic and a full sized swimming pool. Facilities of such high quality exist here at IIT Delhi and maintained by BSA. It is also evident from the fact that our cricket ground was one of the venues to host the Blind Cricket World Cup in March 2017. Similarly, we also have grounds and courts for Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Squash, Weightlifting, Badminton and Indoor Sports. There are several other activities and clubs which you’ll find out more about in the Orientation.

The first event every fresher waits for is the Fresher’s Week, where everyone gets a chance to show how well they play. An entire week for all sports, which gives one a great opportunity to try out maximum sports. Another big night is the BSA orientation, where everything and everyone in BSA is presented to you. You would not only get the chance to explore, but also interact with seniors, some of which who have broken records and represent in the nationals. We’d strongly suggest you to get in touch with the people involved in BSA; namely the vice captains of each sport in each hostel, the sports secretary of each hostel, or the institute Captains and Vice Captains, or any other person in BSA. They can provide a greater insight into BSA and how to go about everything you need to know.