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Pride of BSA


"Champions keep playing until they get it right"

Dileep Pudi's persona was as unassuming as his simple name. It then belies expectations when you hear the same three syllable name from anyone who's had a passing association with the BSA, IIT Delhi. It's because this one simple man has more medals and accolades to his name than the rest of the athletic contingent combined. At this point Dileep doesn't become a statistic used to lull gullible trainees into athletics; he is a living breathing story because of the passion and drive he instilled in those who knew him. People continue to know him by looking at the hardwork of the people who knew Dileep personally, and in being motivated by that and working hard, medals or no medals, each athlete becomes a better person. Such is the legacy of this one man.


Delhi state meet(2017) 100m bronze , 200m gold
Haryana state meet(2019) 200m -4th, 400m- bronze
51st interiit(2016) 100m,200m,400m ,4*400m(record + gold), 4*100m bronze
52nd interiit(2017) 200m silver, 400m silver , 800m (record+gold),4*100m bronze, 4*400m bronze
Bits pilani (2015) 400m-gold,200m-gold,800m-silver
Sporttech(2016) 100m 4th,200m gold, 400m gold ,4*100m gold, 4*400m gold
Spardha(2016) 100m silver, 200m gold, 400m gold, 4*100 bronze , 4*400m gold
Bits pilani (2016) 400m gold, 800m silver , long jump gold, 4*100m gold
Sporttech (2017) 100m gold, 200m gold, 400m gold, 4*100m gold, 4*400m gold
Roorkee(2018) 200m gold,400m gold,800m gold,4*100m gold,4*400m gold

"Nothing is impossible. With so many people saying it couldn't be done, all it takes is imagination"

A guy like Dhritiraj Das comes along once every three or four years. A steely determination to win, enough discipline to stick to practicing through good sessions and bad are usually good markers. But what set apart Dhritiraj was his love for a sport in which he got medals and accolades wherever he went, whenever he went. Swimming gave to Dhritiraj The Best Outgoing Sportsperson Award, 2019, and The Best Sportsperson Award for two consecutive years, amongst a lot of other symbols of appreciation by his peers. His medals tally is a meagre testament to his practice and perseverance in a sport whose elegance hides the brutal hard work. Passing out this year, the BSA will sorely miss his vibrant energy, both in and outside the pool.


29th Inter IIT Aquatics Meet, IIT Guwahati, 2013 100m Butterfly 3rd
30th Inter IIT Aquatics Meet, IIT Bombay, 2014 50m Freestyle 3rd, 100m Butterfly 3rd, 100m Freestyle 3rd,50m Butterfly 4th,4*100m Freestyle Relay (Men) 4th
BOSM 2015 (Sports fest of BITS Pilani) 50m Butterfly 2nd, 4*50m Freestyle Relay (Men) 2nd, 100m Freestyle 3rd, 4*50m Medley Relay (Men) 3rd
31st Inter IIT Aquatics Meet, IIT Madras, 2015 50m Butterfly 1st,100m Freestyle 2nd, 50m Freestyle 3rd
32nd Inter IIT Aquatics Meet, IIT Kanpur, 2016 50m Butterfly 1st, 100m Freestyle 2nd, 50m Freestyle 2nd, 4*100m Freestyle Relay 3rd, 4*100m Medley Relay 3rd
33rd Inter IIT Aquatics Meet, IIT Madras, 2017 50m Butterfly 1st, 50m Freestyle 1st, 100m Freestyle 1st, 4*100m Freestyle Relay 2nd
34th Inter IIT Aquatics Meet, IIT Guwahati, 2018 100m Freestyle 1st, 50m Freestyle 2nd, 4*100m Freestyle Relay 2nd, 50m Butterfly 3rd
6th Baba Gangnath Inter State Swimming Championship 50m Freestyle 2nd, 50m Butterfly 2nd
AAVHAN, 2018 (Sports fest of IIT Bombay) 4*50m Freestyle Relay 1st (New Meet Record), 50m Butterfly 3rd, 50m Freestyle 3rd, 100m Butterfly 4th


  • 2 times BEST SPORTSPERSON OF THE YEAR (2015-16 & 2017-18)
  • COLOURS AWARD, 2013-14

Kumar Sahaj was a devout worshipper of one of India's two religions: Bollywood, and Cricket. And he won many medals while at it. He started out early, being the youngest person and only centurion in the KVS U-16 national cricket tournament. When in IIT, the gentleman's sport welcomed him with both arms. Hitting runs and taking wickets almost at will, Kumar Sehaj became an exceptional allrounder even by his standards, winning three consecutive Man of the Tournament awards. His game betrayed long hours of sun soaked practice, but it also gave a hint of a boy rushing out with his friends at 2 in the sweltering heat and playing till night comes and the ball invariably gets lost in some bush or the other. Now a professional cricketer playing for Bihar cricket association, Kumar Sehaj's journey is an inspiration not only for fellow cricketers, but for every sportsperson who steps on the field with a will and a dream.


Even before coming to IIT, Kumar Sahaj was an incredible player.
  • Youngest from the region to participate in KVS U-16 national cricket tournament-2007
  • Youngest and ONLY to score a Century in KVS U-16 National cricket tournament till 2008
  • Player of the tournament KVS U-16 cricket -2008
It was in IIT Delhi that Kumar started polishing his skills and became a force to be reckoned with in the college circuit.
  • He equalled the record of fastest 50(12balls) in Sportech 2019
  • Holds the record of hitting 7 consecutive sixes in Sportech 2019
  • Won Man of the Tournament(MOT) three times in INTER IIT sports meet ( 2014,16,17)
  • Recipient of 9 MOT awards out of 14 tournaments played on behalf of IIT
  • Holds the record for most runs scored, and most wickets taken by a single Individual in Inter IIT meets (2013-18)
  • 1 Gold(2017) and 1 Silver(2018) in Inter IIT sports meets
  • Captain of the Gold winning team - 2017
  • Captain of the Silver winning team - 2018
  • Awarded Best Outgoing Sportsperson - 2018
  • Awarded Best Captain by BSA - 2016
  • The only first year player to receive Best cricketer award - 2014
Making one more step, Kumar also played in some domestic leagues.
  • Selected for Delhi Premier League(DPL) - 2016
  • Won consecutive MOT awards in CPL (Corporate Premier League) - (2015-16)
Finally, Kumar Sehaj took the big leap, and went professional.
  • Played in Nagpur league (Vidharbha Cricket Association)
  • Playing for Bihar Cricket Association (2019-present)

It is people like Amit Kothari, who's dedication to their sport makes every student in IIT Delhi realise the importance of certain things in certain people's lives. It didn't matter to Amit what the time was or how many days before a quiz did we have a match. Playing badminton is one thing that comes naturally to him and he surely does justice to that by being the only undefeated player in the institute in his five years of being an inter IIT player. Amit had also been integral in making the badminton team a force to reckoned with in the sports circuit.

Amit says, “I personally believe, sports is a way of life and the more you indulge in it the more you get to learn and your true character is reflected on the field”

We thank you Amit for all the good things that you've done for the board and we tell you that your contribution to the board will always be remembered.


  • Inter IIT 2013 :- Gold
  • Inter IIT 2014, 2016 , 2017 :- Bronze
  • Best incoming sportsperson (2013-2014)
  • Best Outgoing Sportsperson (2017-2018)
  • Best Player At Inter IIT twice (2016,2017)
  • Sportech Gold (2014,2015,2016,2017,2018)