Summer Camp

BSA organizes Summer Camps for all sports whose facilities are available in IIT Delhi. These summer camps are meant to nurture promising young players and instill a sense of professionalism, sportsman spirit, discipline and a never-ending thirst for improvement in freshers. Held immediately after the culmination of an academic year, these summer camps are a month-long initiative catering to nearly 130 potential Inter-IIT players. While boys are eligible for all sports namely cricket, lawn tennis, football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, athletics, aquatics, table tennis and badminton, girls are also encouraged to take parts in sports by making the best use of summer camps in basketball, volleyball, athletics, aquatics and table tennis. Athletics and volleyball boast of the maximum number of attendees and hence, there is no surprise that IITD excels in these sports. As a part of the camp curriculum, collective extensive fitness workouts are planned in the morning and individual sport practices are reserved for later in the day.

For getting selected for the summer camp, students need to prove their mettle and a dedication towards the game by impressing in routine team practises as well as camp selection rounds. But you can still attend these camps if you could not be selected. There have been many such players in the past who have gone on to become indispensable players owing to their utmost dedication in the summer camps and consequent improvement in skills and stamina. The perk of being selected is that the hostel fees of of these ‘chosen ones’ is covered by BSA. Even though the summer camp is intended primarily for freshers, experienced players might also attend the camp and add to the wisdom of our well-qualified coaches.