Sportech Weekenders was one of the biggest highlights of a pulsating, exhilarating and a much-appreciated Sportech’17. Introduced with the vision to inculcate sporting skills pertaining to less popular sports in the country as well as upholding BSA’s agenda of providing the best platforms for enjoying physical activities, this was a series comprising of several events that took place on weekends prior to Sportech’17.

Ranging from a trip to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation, with people trying rock climbing, wall climbing and bridge crossing to engaging sessions of ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ to nostalgic rounds of Khokho, the Weekender had something for everyone! Sports like Rugby, Handball, Skateboarding and Golf haven’t been able to make much headway in our country but there are several people itching to try out these sports. And man, were they lucky! They got an opportunity to not only learn and enjoy these activities but also got the chance to witness a Rugby Exhibition Match between two of the best teams in India. Match Screenings of nail biting matches such as the Australian Open Final between Federer and Nadal and the English Football League Cup Final were organized as well to cater to those who relish the adrenaline-rush that is such an indispensable part of professional sports. The Sports Quiz hosted by Quiz Master Suresh Menon was another success story in itself. Moreover, there was a football cage event - ‘Playable’- for all the freestylers and football fanatics out there.

Encouragement of Women Participation in sports has always been a major priority for BSA and Sportech witnessed a Women's Football Exhibition Match between the ladies of Ashoka University and Vasant Valley School. We also got to witness Tanvie Hans, the player who has represented Tottenham and Fulham Ladies Football Club. Other prominent Weekender events were Kite Flying, Cyclothon, Run in the Dark, Blind Chess tournament and many more on this seemingly endless list! And it’s not over yet. To top things off, there was a DJ night for those who love to shake a leg or two.